How to Host an Oscar Party

Add Sparkle #Oscar #Party

An Oscar Party isn’t complete without a little glitz and glam. Add bits of sparkle throughout the decor.

Popcorn Bar

I adore the idea of a “PJs & Pearls” themed Oscar party, featured on Dress up your fave movie snacks in a chic setup, like a stylish popcorn bar.

Star Studded Desserts

No need to break the bank for a lavish dessert table. Get creative. My favorite thing about baking is the endless creativity.

Get Tagged #Oscar #Party

Everyone deserves to feel like a star for a night. Whether it’s Jessica Chastain or a Best Dressed nom, it’s your night to shine.

DIY Backdrop #Oscar #Party

Get your DIY on by creating a simple (but impressive) backdrop for all of your “Red Carpet” snapshots.

Rock The Vote #Oscar #party

Have fun voting for your top predictions. Whoever is dead-on wins a fabulous prize.

Dress the Part #Oscar #party

Who doesn’t love an excuse to get go glam? Go black-tie or wear your PJs while sporting old Hollywood waves and statement jewelry.

Weekend DIY: Blog Planner

Blog Planner / Organizer Kit  - PDF Printable

Staying organized is essential when it comes to managing a blog. I created a Blog Planning Kit to keep all future planning in check.

Blog Post Planner / Organizer - Printable PDF

A detailed Blog Post Planner is essential for keeping all of my ideas organized.

Weekly Blog Planner / Organizer - PDF Printable

Weekly Blog Organizer keeps my week in perspective.

Monthly Blog Planner / Organizer - PDF Printable

I’m such a Type-A personality, I like making planning all of my future posts in advance. This Monthly Blog Planner is a great overview.


Keep all potential brand collaborations well organized with this Blog Brand Collaboration Organizer.


Sometimes my mind is running a mile per minute and I have hundreds of ideas popping in my head. I like to keep them all in one place, well organized! This Blog Post Idea & Outfit Post Idea Organizer keeps me sane.

Blog Planner / Organizer - Printable PDF

This kit keeps my blog organized for the months, weeks, and days ahead. You can purchase the PDF printable digital files from My Etsy Shop. Sliding the printables into a binder is a great way to stay organized and stress-free!

Valentine’s Rice Krispie Heart Pops

To create these simple, yet chic Valentine’s Day gifts, make a batch of Rice Krispie Treats {Melt 1/2C Butter + 3/4 Bag Marshmallows + add 5C Rice Krispie Cereal}.  Once the batch has cooled, use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out shapes.  Place in clear baggies, and tie with twine.  Purchase the label you see here, from my Etsy Shop and print on cardstock.  I punched out mine with a 2.5″ circular punch, backed it with an additional piece of cardstock, punched out with a scallop punch, and paper punched a small hole to tie together.

Happy Valentine’s Day!