Playhouse Makeover

Every time I see a fixer upper, i envision all the little tweaks i would love to do to update it. When I saw a local playhouse for sale, I immediately saw a modern little farmhouse for Hudson to play in. I snatched it up and Josh and I went to work!

The Process

First, we took the playhouse apart. We then drilled drain holes in the bottom of the pieces since we knew we would be power washing it and we didn’t want to get any water stuck inside.

We then power washed and scrubbed it.

After drying, we spray painted each piece. We added an additional coat to each, then finished with a clear top coat spray.

The only pieces that could not be removed were the shutters, so I wrapped the walls in plastic wrap, and using painters tape to secure it, while I spray painted it.

I purchased solar lights, a bell and mat. After drying, we drilled in the lights and bell, and I added topiaries. Hudson loves it! The neutral colors make it easy for us to decorate each season!


Spray Paint



Clear Top Coat


Solar Lights


Door Mat

Topiaries (similar)

Blue Pinky Challenge

Blue Pinky Challenge

Pop bottles for a cause, by painting your pinky nails blue to stand up against bullying. Join Secret Deodorant’s “Mean Stinks” anti-bullying campaign that encourages girls to gang up for good. Spread the word by tweeting a photo of your mani to @MeanStinks #BluePinky.

Blue Pinky Challenge Blue Pinky Challenge

DIY Pumpkin Inspiration

I‘ve been finding so many glamorously decorated pumpkins lately, that I’ve been dying to DIY. I love the idea of decorating, it’s chic, simple and a lot less messier than carving. These are some of my favorite glam finds. Have you decorated or planning to are decorate pumpkins this year?

  1. Thumbtack Covered Pumpkins
  2. Silver Pumpkin
  3. Gold Metallic Pumpkins
  4. House Number Pumpkin
  5. Pink Monogram Pumpkin
  6. White Monogram Pumpkin
  7. Thumbtack Monogram Pumpkin
  8. Silver Monogram Pumpkin
  9. Glitter Pumpkins
  10. Gold Glitter Pumpkins
  11. Silver Glitter Pumpkins
  12. Orange Glitter Pumpkin
  13. Silver Rhinestone Pumpkins
  14. Bejeweled Pumpkin
  15. Black Rhinestone Pumpkin
  16. White Rhinestone Pumpkins
  17. Silver Chevron Pumpkin
  18. Chevron Pumpkins
  19. Gray & White Chevron Pumpkins
  20. Pink Chevron Pumpkin
  21. Gold Polka Dot Pumpkin
  22. White Polka Dot Pumpkin
  23. Black Polka Dot Pumpkin
  24. Ombre Polka Dot Pumpkin

Fish Scale Wall Art Tutorial

What I used:

  • 3 12″ x 24″ Canvas Boards
  • 6 Sheets of Acrylic Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • 1 3/4″ Paper Punch
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Clear Kraft Glue
  • Metallic Spray Paint

Using a paper punch, punch circles out of the acrylic paper.  I used 190 circles per board.

Measure 1″ lines horizontally down the canvas. Glue down individual circles along the lines.

After each circle is glued,  use an X-acto knife to cut off excess paper around the canvas.

Use metallic spray paint to paint the entire canvas. Let dry 24 hours before bringing inside.