Five Facts

Two fab blogger friends, Sarah and Taylor recently tagged me in their Five Facts Posts. So I’m sharing five fun facts you may not have known about me, and tagging these stylish gals to give it a go Caity, KendallAngela & Alexa, BethannDonnaAlex and Lynsey. (I couldn’t pick just five! 😉 )


1. I don’t match my swimsuits or mani-pedis. These are two examples where you have the most room to have fun with fashion. I love mixing and matching prints and complimenting colors.

portobello, kale & chickpeas

2. I’ve been a vegetarian for 17 years, and a vegan for 7 years, and within the past year I became gluten-free. Since I was a child, I never understood the concept of eating meat, and I always went with it to it. I’ve eliminated things like refined sugar, and artificial coloring, because I like sticking to whole foods, and lucky for me, I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like. 😉


3. I love baking and decorating. Before an exam in college, baking was always the best stress-reliever for me. I was always whipping up my the best ever banana bread recipe (no really, it’s called that) or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from this cookbook. Styling cupcakes, a coffee table or an ensemble share a creative aspect that I love doing.


4. I love to organize. This totally ties in with the fact of starting my own personal style consultation business. See my closet organization tips here. I’m definitely OCD when it comes to my closet. It’s organized by category, color and then sub-categories. These lucite organizers keep my nail polish and lipstick addictions under wraps.

Five Facts | The Subtle Statement

5. I subscribe to 19 magazines monthly. I can’t get enough knowledge and inspiration from fashion, home decor, and fitness. I tear out pages that inspire me and place them in a binder (trailing back to the OCD), it serves as inspiration for outfits, decorating, and new toning routines and recipes.

Weekend DIY: Blog Planner

Blog Planner / Organizer Kit  - PDF Printable

Staying organized is essential when it comes to managing a blog. I created a Blog Planning Kit to keep all future planning in check.

Blog Post Planner / Organizer - Printable PDF

A detailed Blog Post Planner is essential for keeping all of my ideas organized.

Weekly Blog Planner / Organizer - PDF Printable

Weekly Blog Organizer keeps my week in perspective.

Monthly Blog Planner / Organizer - PDF Printable

I’m such a Type-A personality, I like making planning all of my future posts in advance. This Monthly Blog Planner is a great overview.


Keep all potential brand collaborations well organized with this Blog Brand Collaboration Organizer.


Sometimes my mind is running a mile per minute and I have hundreds of ideas popping in my head. I like to keep them all in one place, well organized! This Blog Post Idea & Outfit Post Idea Organizer keeps me sane.

Blog Planner / Organizer - Printable PDF

This kit keeps my blog organized for the months, weeks, and days ahead. You can purchase the PDF printable digital files from My Etsy Shop. Sliding the printables into a binder is a great way to stay organized and stress-free!