Friday Finds

This year is flying by so quickly. I can’t believe it is already the beginning of March. I’m ready for change, warm weather and all the bright refreshing aspects of Spring.Butter London

Butter London has become one of my favorite brands for their 3-free polishes, long-lasting wear and fab color selection. I’m stocking up on Spring favorites.. bright pinks, pale pastels and bold whites.


Little updates are a nice change. This is the start of a gallery wall above my bath tub. I love mixing frames, sizes and textures. {DIY here}


Organization keeps my mind at ease. My obsession for with a pink pout is kept under wraps with this lipstick/gloss organizer.

Juice Cleanse

Once a month, I like to do a green juice detox to stay healthy and be refreshed. Pressed Juicery has the best juices and homemade nut milks, making it something to look forward to.

IMG_4488An abundance of whole foods recipes that I cannot wait to try. [1|2]

Milly NY Handbags

Weekend DIY: Blog Planner

Blog Planner / Organizer Kit  - PDF Printable

Staying organized is essential when it comes to managing a blog. I created a Blog Planning Kit to keep all future planning in check.

Blog Post Planner / Organizer - Printable PDF

A detailed Blog Post Planner is essential for keeping all of my ideas organized.

Weekly Blog Planner / Organizer - PDF Printable

Aย Weekly Blog Organizerย keeps my week in perspective.

Monthly Blog Planner / Organizer - PDF Printable

I’m such a Type-A personality, I like making planning all of my future posts in advance. This Monthly Blog Planner is a great overview.


Keep all potential brand collaborations well organized with this Blog Brand Collaboration Organizer.


Sometimes my mind is running a mile per minute and I have hundreds of ideas popping in my head. I like to keep them all in one place, well organized! This Blog Post Idea & Outfit Post Idea Organizer keeps me sane.

Blog Planner / Organizer - Printable PDF

This kit keeps my blog organized for the months, weeks, and days ahead. You can purchase the PDF printable digital files from My Etsy Shop. Sliding the printables into a binder is a great way to stay organized and stress-free!

Weekend DIY: Beauty Organization

Beauty Organization - The Subtle Statement

If you’re as big of a beauty junkie as I am, staying organized is important. If you are limited on space, creativity is key.

Beauty Organization - The Subtle StatementI collect intricate cake stands, but pretty cakes and cupcakes aren’t they only things they display. A cake stand consistent with your decor, can easily glam up your bathroom, while displaying your daily essentials.
Beauty Organization - The Subtle Statement

Lucite desk and makeup organizers keep my current makeup favorites within reach, without clutter. I made a simple makeup brush holder by filling a vase with floral stones.

Beauty Organization - The Subtle Statement

This lacquer organizer keeps my polish addiction under wraps, keeping my colors organized and easy to spot.

Beauty Organization - The Subtle StatementMasks are a must in my beauty routine, but since they aren’t used daily, I can easily stash them in my linen closet. I spray painted this lazy susan, which is a huge space saver in my closet.

Happy Crafting!
xo Brittany