Packing Guide: NYC

NYC is on the agenda for tomorrow, and to save space in my suitcase, I’ve packed staples versatile enough to pair with everything I’m bringing. Each piece has the ability to easily bring any item from day to night.

Packing Guide-NYC Staples |

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Lipstick. A switch from my fave pink hue, this bold beauty is a game changer with just one swipe.

Earrings. A colorful statement earring will give a pop to a basic tee or cocktail dress.

Ankle Boots. Being my signature Fall staple, I finally got this functional Rag & Bone boot that I plan to pair with dresses, skirts, and boyfriend jeans.

Leather Jacket. The ultimate piece for adding edginess to a fit & flare or bringing a casual look into night.

Sweater. This cozy knit will be dually paired with a flirty a-line for night, and tapered printed pants for Sunday brunch.

Pumps. This basic pump will glam up boyfriend jeans, as well as those tapered printed pants.

Wallet on a Chain. Always on the go in NYC, this small bag will easily organize cash, cards, lipstick, and my phone, without any added bulk.

Denim. A hybrid like these is perfect for sporting my signature skinnies, or rolled and paired with pumps, ankle boots, or sneakers (queen of versatility)

Sneakers. It was love at first sight with this statement sneaks, and I’ve been sporting them ever since. They’re super comfy which makes them a perfect choice when my feet are feeling less than up to par.

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