Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

I always look forward to my go-to breakfast, a tofu scramble loaded with veggies, cashew cheese, a drizzle of hot sauce and a slice of toast, but there’s something about Sunday mornings that makes me crave sweet indulgences. This weekend, I decided to try to whip up strawberry chia seed jam. I can’t believe I haven’t tried it in the past, it was so quick and easy and tastes absolutely delicious! It was amazing on sprouted grain toast with Earth Balance butter, but I can’t wait to try out thumbprint cookies for Christmas using the fresh jam! The fact that it’s guilt-free makes is an added bonus! 

  • 1 Bag Organic Strawberries, frozen 
  • Agave Nectar (I use Organic Agave Five, only 5 calories!) 
  • Chia Seeds

Place a bag of frozen organic strawberries into a pot and mash with a potato masher as they begin to cook. Once cooked through and mashed, add agave nectar to taste. Next add a generous amount of chia seeds until a thick consistency is reached. Transfer to a glass jar or bowl and let cool. Once cooled, seal the chia seed jam and place in the fridge to let flavors marry, for best taste! 

Season Staples


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This season is all about texture and suede is on my radar. I became obsessed with this Moto jacket the second I spotted it. ‘Tis the season to layer, and what better way to do so than these basic v-neck tees, that A) aren’t see through B) wash well and C) are under $20! I’m loving the lace up trend, what a fun spin on a trendy tee (under $30!) for an instantly stylish look. OTK boots are universally flattering, and I couldn’t be more in love with this versatile neutral hue! Get 20% off here) One thing I live in, in cold temps is long, cozy cardigans. This are some of my favorite hues to sport during my favorite season!

Tofu Scramble Stuffed Pepper

Tofu scrambles are my breakfast go-to. They’re packed with protein, seasoned with a ton of flavor, and so delicous! I switch up the veggies I use everyday to everything from mushrooms, to cherry tomatoes, spinach, to zucchini. To take the flavor to the next level I started stuffing fresh fryer peppers from the garden with them!  They’re so good and such a quick breakfast to whip up! 

I add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil to a pan over medium heat, add cubed super firm tofu and season with tumeric, granulated garlic, granulated onion, Pink Himalayan Salt, fresh ground pepper and nutritional yeast. I mix the tofu around well to evenly coat the seasonings and cook until crispy, and top with a little bit of vegan cheddar shreds. I hollow out the inside of the pepper and cook it, then stuff it with the tofu mixture. I drizzle hot sauce for an extra kick! 

Tips for Traveling with a  Newborn & Toddler

What we learned traveling as a family of four, with a newborn & a toddler, for the first time…

I was curious about what we should/shouldn’t bring to make things more convenient prior to our trip, so I wanted to share what worked for us! 

1) We say this every time we travel, but we couldn’t have meant it more this time. Getting TSA Pre✅ is the best decision we’ve ever made a couple years ago. Not only does it make traveling extremely convenient whether you have kids or not, you don’t have to take off your shoes, you don’t have to take out your laptop, and you don’t have to take out any liquids. Without TSA Pre✅, you aren’t allowed to take a baby through security wearing them in a carrier (from what I’ve read, and people I’ve talked to), and they go through and scan each of your bottles. With TSA Pre✅, I didn’t have to take the baby out of the carrier I was wearing and they didn’t touch our bottles. We got through security in under a minute. 

2) Wearing a baby carrier through the airport (these are two great options here and here) couldn’t have made things easier to have free hands to hold Hunter’s hand and roll a carry on or hold the diaper bag 

3) Bringing the boppy in our carry on, and using it on the plane (along with a baby blanket.) This was so convenient, not only did I feed Hudson at take off and landing on it, it helped him stay asleep comfortably (for both of us) the entire plane ride. I also used it to change him on, opting out of the tiny plane bathroom. The slipcover is washable so you aren’t bringing all the plane germs home 

4) Feeding the baby or letting him/her suck on a binky during take off and landing to ease ear pressure. While doing this, Hudson didn’t seem to mind the pressure. 

5) If traveling with formula, the most convenient way to have the bottles pre-measured without having to refrigerate them or bring any liquid, we filled the powder into these and then just bought bottled water once we got through security (we got lucky and found non-refrigerated) and poured them in the bottles and mixed them as needed on the plane (I use these any time I leave the house!)

6) Packing healthy snacks and an iPad with headphones with Netflix or Hulu on it for a toddler to watch movies or their favorite show. Hunter has a bookbag his size so he was excited to pack it with his favorite things and wear it through the airport

7) Always Always Always pack extra clothes for all kids, in case they get sick. An extra outfit, underwear, socks, shoes everything (you never know) we lucked out having extra clothes and shoes in our carry on after an unfortunate incident 

8) Purchasing a bag to put the car seat and base in before you check it. This one worked great 

9) We purchased bulkhead seats, because they are the “Even More Space” seats on JetBlue, which made it nice to have the extra room to change the baby and not feel so confined 

10) Soak it all in and take endless amounts of pictures to savor all of the memories 

The Perfect Exfoliant 

During my manicure last week, the nail tech used this exfoliant on my hands. With a newborn, my hands always tend to be dry, because I am either constantly washing them or washing bottles multiple times a day. I was amazed at how well it removed any dryness and left them looking smooth and moisturized. I decided to scoop up a bottle for myself, and imagined the great results I would have using it on my face. 

I have combination skin. During the Summer I have occasional dryness on my cheeks, and oiliness in my t-zone. I am absolutely amazed at how well this exfoliant combats both, removing any dry skin on my face and excess oil from my t-zone. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth afterwards, making my moisturizer sink in better and  my makeup application go on much smoother, avoiding any dry flakes! Normally when I use a toner, it would leave my skin shiny and tight, but this is on another level, using no harsh chemicals. I am obsessed! 

One Year








One year ago today I married my best friend. It could not have been a more special day! I am so lucky to have him in my life as a husband and father. I thought it would be the perfect time to share some photos to relive such a perfect day. Happy Anniversary baby!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide 16

Watch | Shirt | Tie | Belt | Briefcase | Shoes | Headphones | Helmet | Hoodie | Shoes | Fitbit | Aviators | Hat | Backpack | Skincare | Wallet

Fit Finds // Under $100

Fit Finds Under $100

Hoodie | Water Bottle | Sports Bra | Shoes | Cropped Leggings | Towel | TankHair Ties

Happy Monday! There’s something about cute workout clothes that make working out something to look forward to! Loving all of this fun finds and cool cutouts!

A New Routine

This week, I was given the green light to resume workouts, and I could not be more ecstatic. I just feel better when I’m  working out daily, and I have never been more motivated to get back in shape. 

When I’m working out daily, I tend to stick to all other routines more consistently, like my weekly beauty mask. Since I’m feeling like a new person this week, I decided to switch up my usual mask routine with something new

 Lately, I don’t attempt anything without multitasking, as I applied a layer and went on to wash bottles and load up the sertilizer. By the time I was finished, the mask had already dried and was ready to rinse off. The fact that it is quick-drying, makes it so much more seseptable for me to use. 

Curious to see how well it “pulled the gunk out of my pores” since it isn’t a peel off mask, I rinsed my face with warm water and was left completely amazed. It wiped my pores clean. I was so impressed with the facial-like results (without the inflammation) that I couldn’t wait to use it again, and feel like my face is clearer than ever. It’s seriously a game changing beauty product.